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Tsuchiya stands 180 cm tall (5' 11") and weighs 65 kg (143.3 lbs). He grew up in the Minami Alps region of Yamanashi Prefecture, just to the west of Tokyo Prefecture, and is an Aquarius with Type O blood.
Little is known about his family life, other than that he never speaks of his father (it's not known if his parents are divorced, the man died, or was never even in the picture to begin with), but he has a younger sister, and his mother Yumiko runs a beauty parlor back home, where she lives with Tuti's former pet, a toy poodle named "Lala-chan." He is a graduate of Yamanashi Prefectural Koufu First High School.
Tsuchiya has a taste for wine, and is something of a connoiseur--bring up the topic of sake and he is known to talk excitedly about it on end. His favorite wine is red wine, for example, a nice Amarone, while the alcoholic drink that he favors the most is Veuve Clicquot champagne. He's also been a smoker since he was 15 (please note that the age of majority in Japan is 20), and for a long while smoked Salem Pianissimos, a brand quite popular among women. He recently, at the recommendation of fellow actor Shougo Suzuki, switched to Natural American Spirit. His favorite food is curry, and one can often spot him on his blog enjoying a meal at the nearest Coco-ichi Curry, a popular curry restaurant chain in Japan.
Tsuchiya's a huge fan of "entertainment appreciation"--which means he likes watching television, movies, listening to music, and then discussing with others about them. His favorite television show is the popular animated series The Simpsons, and he loves Ghibli movies (the same goes with Pixar). He's also a huge fan of the Japanese music trio Remioromen.
Tuti's career as an actor is primarily that of a stage actor. While he may occasionally do a stint in a drama or cameo in a movie, the majority of his work is done on a stage in front of a huge audience.

[edit] As Shuichiro Oishi in The Prince of Tennis Musicals

Tuti's major stage appearance was as Shuichiro Oishi, the motherly vice-captain of Seigaku Middle School's tennis club, as part of the first generation Seigaku cast in "Tenimyu", the Prince of Tennis musical series. During his run of the series, he got to work with fellow *pnish* actor Eiji Moriyama (who played Takeshi Momoshiro). Tuti graduated from his role after the Side Fudomine musical; like many other graduated Tenimyu actors, Tuti got a cameo role in the Prince of Tennis live film adaptation.
Since his graduation, the role of Oishi has been played by Hiroki Suzuki, Yukihiro Takiguchi, and currently by Yuya Toyoda.

[edit] Other Work

Since his graduation, Tuti went on to star as Gin Ichimaru in the Rock Musical BLEACH, which also starred some of his old Tenimyu castmates.
In June 2007, Tuti celebrated 10 years in the acting world. His first few acts were in 1997 with a traveling theatre troupe, Gekidan Geiyuuza, and after one year with them he formally signed on with popular theatre troupe BQMAP in 1998, when he first appeared in one of their shows in July (26th-30th), "Re-." He continued to perform with them until late 2000.
In early 2000 (concurrent with his involvement with BQMAP), Tuti found himself getting more and more involved with a ragtag group of actor-wannabes that were calling themselves "ShiroxKuro" and that June (15th through 18th) they put on their first performance, "Best Team," following up in February 2001 (1st through 4th) with, "Set a Trap."
On July 1, 2001, ShiroxKuro formally renamed themselves *pnish*, and thus was born a theatre troupe that is now growing and growing in popularity, with ten group performances under their belts, their own radio program (Panic Studio, which will end in June 2008) and their own weekly television show (Hottokenai! *pnish* TV, ch.262 Theatre television via SKY Perfect). Tuti has been with the group from the very beginning, when it was first nine members until it was whittled down to the four it currently is comprised of.

[edit] Career

[edit] Stage work

*pnish* performances
  • Various (Panic Rush, Panic Dance, Panic Nine, Panic Cafe, Panic Age, RokuAkuTou, Monster Box, Treasure Box, Wonder Box, Secret Box, Samurai Mode, all On performances, all Happy *pnish* Birthday performances, all Panic Room events) (2001 to present)
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical (2003)
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine (2003-2004)
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Dream Live 1st (2004)
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: More Than Limit St. Rudolph Gakuen (2004)
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Side Fudomine ~Special Match~ (In Winter of 2004-2005)
Rock Musical BLEACH (as Gin Ichimaru)
Other theatre work
  • Musical Hunter x Hunter (2000)
  • Sayonara no LOVE SONG
  • Suspense Musical ZIPPER
  • Gekidan Dougaku Sensei's Sake Bocchan
  • Gekidan Dougaku Sensei's Kyoudai Donburi
  • BQMAP's Sentimental Tiger Case.01 ~ SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • Hageretto
  • Etto, Oira wa Dare Dakke? ~ Cash On Delivery
  • Akazaka Red Theater presents Kenran toka Ranman toka
  • Aru Hi, Bokura wa Yume no Naka de Deau (September 2007)
  • Gekidan Unit Keizai to H's FLOWERS (October 2007)

[edit] Movies

[edit] Television

  • P-na Kanojo (TBS)
  • Machi e Tobidasou - weekly performance as "Tsucchi" (NHK)
  • Keitai Net Shakai no Otoshiana (NHK)
  • 59th Proposal (Nihon TV)
  • Dounichi Love (TVK)

[edit] Other

  • *pnish* Panic Days! photobook
  • *pnish* Panic Days! 2 ~ Tobe! *pnish* photobook

[edit] Trivia

  • There has been debate on YouTube as to who the identity of the mysterious dancer is in Kimeru's PV of BE SHINY. Although initially believed to be Kimeru himself, if one looks closely, there are differences in the two peoples body type and hair color. Viewers have been debating as to whether the dancer may actually be Tuti.

[edit] References

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